guitar and cement, referring to ‘tar and cement’, a song brought to prominence in Ireland by Mullingar man Joe Dolan. Mullingar (cover photo) “the town I came from was quiet and small” was indeed quiet and small.
I spend a lot of my time now archiving old family photos of Mullingar and post them to my facebook page,,
Working on the archive brings back many memories of walking the streets, listening to local showbands and country and western bands. The influence on me of this music was to drive me in another musical direction.
Broder’s Hotel on the right of the photo was where I first heard most of the music of the 60s with my friend Jim who’s father owned the hotel. We listened to the Blues, pop, rock and underground, as it was then. That was all a long time ago and my sound creation has continued on an oppositional trajectory to the mainstream ever since. Sameness is something that stifles, though I must admit that I am the same to myself, and possibly others.
Thanks to Zenjungle, Cathal Roche and Declan Drohan.





fraterhaus: A collaboration with Declan Drohan.

John Daly Baritone guitar, interventions, mix.
Declan Drohan Vox, prepared text.
live take split into tracks for your convenience.


This album is full of tone I currently enjoy. The compositions are spontaneous improvisations. The accompanying sounds are a combination of semi randomly generated lines, generative software triggered by my input, loops captured while playing and delays. The only non guitar sound is a police radio live from internet scanner software on my phone and is played through the guitar pickup. When a track settles to a mood after a couple of minutes I listen, adding small artifacts at first and respond to and develop a movement through time. At this time I become detached from a conscious thought process and am immersed in the soundscape both driving and being driven to a resolution. I feel no urgency and am not concerned about duration.



New album. Track 1, worked on vocal distortions, recordings from discussion on art and tourism, really selling Ireland through art enterprise, repackaging etc, Riverdance, unsavoury stuff really. Track 2, rain recording with improvision, thinking about the adoration of terrorists. Track 3, admiration for people who give.

DAO: improvised performance music from Poland and Ireland 

Divil A’Bit, drone/percussion (Leitrim) and John Daly, Solo guitar/electronics (Sligo).

Cathal Roche (IR) – baritone sax and Rafał Kołacki (PL) – gongs, drums, small percussion objects.

Cathal Roche (IR) – baritone sax and Rafał Kołacki (PL) – gongs, drums, small percussion objects. Divil A’Bit, drone/percussion (Leitrim) and John Daly, Solo guitar/electronics (Sligo).

DAO: improvised performance music from Poland and Ireland

Monday 31st March, 2014, 5 – 8pm

at Leitrim Sculpture Centre, Manorhamilton

From: DAO: improvised performance music from Poland and Ireland by Tunedin52 on Mixcloud


private symphony

Four improvisations comprise of live play and loops, then cross faded into one long piece. There are some sax samples on ‘the pyramid builders’ compliments of Zenjungle.
Baritone guitar with physical and electronic intervention, live loops, delays.
Artwork: Oil on canvas, anon. morphed with digital photo. John Daly.
free download, feedback appreciated..jd

Flying Shuttle

Restrung my acoustic guitar with with steel strings, 2 x E, 2 x B, 2 x G and used various close tunings (2). The strings (weft) were woven with 3 steel string offcuts across the frets (warp) at various intervals. Continued the weaving theme into the title, Flying Shuttle (the London Eye and a device patented by John Kay (1704–c. 1779) in 1733. The flying shuttle was one of the key developments in the industrialization of weaving. One of the more clock work sounding tracks I have dedicated to John Harrison (

uneasy access
referring to both the possible oddity of the sounds to music listeners and more so to my difficulty with thinking clearly, remembering, and communicating my thoughts to others.

Improvised with minimal editing, mixed into one piece. I’ve come to prefer longer episodes of sound which, for me, allow the mind to embark on a more relaxed yet immersive journey. My overall feeling with this piece is that strange feeling of viewing from within the Milky Way, being detached yet part of it’s structure, knowing that regardless of our self importance as humans we are destined to become a shower of meteorites and space dust in this great system.

Zenjungle & Tunedin52 – free music for free spirits in unfree environments
By Stef

The great thing about social media and digital space is the democracy of sound. It is cheap to share, there are no labels or music critics or other hurdles who can stand between you – the musician – and you – the listener. You browse a little bit, you find stuff, you think it’s worth talking about.

So is this unusual duo of Zenjungle and Tunedin52, artist names for Phil Gardelis from Greece and John Daly from Ireland. The former plays tenor and soprano sax, electronics and piano, the latter plays guitar, baritone guitar, electronics. Both also add found sounds, sound effects and field recordings.

Their music is carefully paced and relatively accessible in its cautious inobtrusive approach. It is avant-garde, but not boundary-breaking. It is new even if not really innovative. You can call it nu jazz, post-jazz or ambient jazz, or whatever jazz, it is still worth mentioning and highlighting.

You can admire the duo’s relentless search for their own voice and sound, their obstinate pursuit of newness, of expressing oppressive environments where things evolve in a way that is clearly not liberating. You can feel the constraints and the inner tension. You can feel how gentleness is somehow crushed, how darkness tries to be pierced, how suddenly beauty erupts out of industrial darkness. Or as the band describes their “Learning To Breathe In New Spaces”

“This is space, we must survive, we must learn to breathe, it hurts, we hurt, life is pain, there is no escape, death is the absence of pain, embrace pain, embrace life, the fiery breath of survival is incessant: there’s a freight train coming down the sax, wire wound, brass round wound, blowing across the frets, jazz wobblelations, acousmatic high wire acts, vibrating electro magnetic signals blend in resonating harmonies, journeying incognito through micro tonal scopic variables, a signpost says this way and we go the other but end up in paradise, harmonic wonderment of the elemental kind, love, life, death, suffering, ecstasy, we roll we razz, we stroll through the maze, a bright light guides and blinds us, jazzish, zentunes”.

There are many bands like this one, for sure, but this duo has some great concept of sound and focus. Once they set an environment, what they will do with it remains in character, they will change, evolve, expand, deconstruct, but the essence of the tune, and its atmosphere remains intact throughout, impactful and coherent. That is a great feat.

I will leave the discovery up to you, it is all available on bandcamp.



Confinement: free download at Modisti net label


TUNEDIN52 – Soft Envelope

by Massimo Ricci
Self Release

John Daly: guitar, voice, mixing

Personal reasons led me to meeting John Daly’s output for the first time, and what was found is surely deserving of being divulged to a wider audience. A 61-year old photographer and musician from Ireland, Daly distills his own special blend of psychedelically tinged sonic domains utilizing a mildly preconditioned baritone guitar processed by several looping / delay pedals, the outcome swollen by a software called Gleetchlab to add further layers of foggy enigma.

The man has been honing his soundscaping skills for decades now, and it shows independently from the fact that you might appreciate certain choices more or less (for example, the nebulously mumbling voices in tracks like “Automated Systems” or the gorgeous “Mary’s Story” could divert the attention – just a bit – from the riveting textural fabrics unfolding in the background). What ultimately persuaded me is the individuality transpiring from Daly’s proposals: “When I Dream Of Russia” wraps us with monolithic low-frequency resonance minus the humdrum component; the lengthy “Her Wish” is an absorbingly unfathomable galactic journey. My favorite pieces are those where the spirit of the guitar appears as an uncrystallized entity releasing beautiful chordal scents – not necessarily consonant, mind you – extended by the treatments and hovering all over the place (“Shadows” and, especially, the magnificent “Waters Blessed”). In any case there is always a feeling of sincerity in this music’s brooding iteration, which distances it from the loads of miserable commonplacers who believe that anybody can ingest a phoney “Om”.

I won’t continue with otiose blathering. Without acting as a trademark copycat, this gentleman – who records in a space known as Tigh Macalla (“Echo Room” in the Irish language) – produced an excellent work that should appeal, at least in part, to fans of Aidan Baker, Peter Wright and – depending on the moment – Andrew Chalk, but also to the liege men of contemporary underground electronica (thinking of PBK and the likes) and even refined ambient labels such as Hypnos. You know that we do not specialize in adulation here, so mark my words: it is never too late for a serious artist to expose his/her credibility.
released 12 February 2013



Great review, well worth a listen..



Kevin Drumm: guitar, piano, electronics, tapes; Jason Lescalleet: Hammond 136J, Casio SK5, Amplified Objects, Tapes, Dell XPS

Well, do those names ring some bell? They should, and I’m not writing a paragraph just to inform about what Drumm and Lescalleet have done over the years to deserve my utter curiosity for this double whammy.

Between dysphoric recollection and cynical disenchantment, the sonorities characterizing the first disc present a somewhat expectable aversion to the idea of obeying to strict rules. At the same time, a flawless organization is noticeable throughout the program. Following the initial chirping of birds in the self-explanatory “Dawn” we’re instantly thrown into one of the finest episodes, “Anger Alert”: a furnace of scathing frequencies morphing into a display of virtual passageways resonating deeply, suddenly leaving room to chordal brass blasts whose remnants die accompanied by a disembodied chant. With this track, the core of The Abyss

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Καθόλου φωνές, μόνο βοή…Lawrence English, Machinefabriek, Zenjungle & Tunedin52

Originally posted on Against the silence:

Lawrence English – The Wilderness Of Mirrors (room 40)

Η αγριότητα των καθρεφτών. Παίρνοντας ζωή από ότι κατοπτρίζουν, στέκουν αμίλητοι σε όποι@ς δεν τους απευθύνουν ερωτήσεις. Μεταμορφώνονται σε φλύαρους συνομιλητές, όταν το βλέμμα σκοντάφτει πάνω τους. Δεν υπάρχει καμία κρυφή πλευρά τους, κανένας τοίχος εντός τους, κανένα σκοτάδι στο βάθος, παρά μόνο οι σκέψεις αυτών που τους κοιτάνε στα μάτια. Αυτές δίνουν τον τόνο, ψηλαφίζουν τις αλλαγές των εξωτερικών χαρακτηριστικών μέσα στο πέρασμα του χρόνου, καταμετράν αγωνίες, λιγοστεύουν φως.

Ένας καπνός θορύβου πλημμυρίζει το δωμάτιο. Ενώ όλα δείχνουν να βρίσκονται σε κίνδυνο, επικρατεί μια μουδιασμένη νηνεμία. Ο καθρέφτης προσπαθεί να τα χωρέσει όλα, αλλά για να το καταφέρει πρέπει να κοιταχτείς βαθιά μέσα του. Μόνο έτσι οι λεπτομέρειες γύρω σου θα γίνουν εμφανείς, η βραδύτητα που παρακωλύει τα πάντα θα αποκαλυφθεί και οι αισθήσεις θα ξαναμπούν σε κίνηση. Όλα ξεκινάνε από την στιγμή που κατανοείς πως κανένας αντικατοπτρισμός δεν είναι…

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JOHN DALY – Arts & Tourism



John Daly: prepared vocal track, improvised guitar, modified guitar, live loops, delays, software

I’m quite beaten up – in all senses – during these last months, therefore when an unheralded album by a musician too humble for his own good is sent to my attention I snatch it with both hands and ears. Daly has silently published several bewitching works of late (do check for yourselves, please) and has also been active in the field of ancient pictorial memories. Arts & Tourism should be taken as a legitimate model for many – including certain “names” – teaching how to produce stimulating auditory sensations by standing in a no-fear-to-try position with the highest possible degree of intellect-free sinlessness.

Three segments are on offer. “Public Discussion” turns the unappetizing features of toothless debating and solitary ranting into an extended set of wrinkled textures and segueing organic cells comprising unpredicted dynamic surges…

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DIE SCHRAUBER – Live In Europe 2008


Thanks for the Blippoo box info..



Hans Tammen, Joker Nies, Mario DeVega: endangered guitar, blippoo box, omnichord, circuit bent instruments, SPK®, amplified objects

Prologue: an improviser’s fearlessness can also be demonstrated by utilizing a blippoo box (sure, I had to look for that – but the creative principles that subtend its utilization are fantastic, if you ask me). Then again, artists characterized by the press release as men “who would win any title fight against the bastard sons of onkyo” have to be cheered. Just let me be your Angelo Dundee, guys, and we’ll go far.

That brilliant music like what’s contained by this disc has to wait nearly six years to be published is beyond this writer’s understanding. Ever since the manifest absurdities of the initial track “Opening (Kassel)” the quantity of data conducted by Die Schrauber to the brain is amazing, exactly as the capricious richness of the trio’s palette. A bracing…

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of Sound Mind


Tígh Macalla, meaning Echo House or House of echos, is the recording space of John Daly, situated near the shores of Lough Arrow. Within it’s view is Carrowkeel, set on high ground above Lough Arrow, a neolithic passage tomb cemetery in the south of County Sligo, Ireland. From these peaceful, ancient, sacred environs, with the help of the world wide web, he broadcasts his creations. Under the pseudonym Tunedin52, tunedin referring to birth, to 60s culture, to the psychedelic platform of his sound, and 52 his date of birth, he creates what comes perfectly natural to him, soundscapes marking his interests and the events of his life so far. He believes that in life as in sound, the future is a variation of the past.

Improvisation,.Tunedin52+Zenjungle with Barcelona slideshow from john daly on Vimeo.

John Daly

I worked as a photographer and printmaker in various labs in England 1980-2000 and in Mullingar Ireland 2000-2007. Music and sound technology are my greatest interest, playing in bands in the 60s-70s and exploring sound with synths, midi, cubase, djing, and experimental guitar all through the 80s-90s. Having listened to much rock, jazz, classical and music from other cultures, I became interested in sound without conventional music structures. Sound artists seem to create what interests me in listening so I tend towards this discipline but am not sure that I consider myself an artist. Over the last two years I have collaborated over the web with Saxophonist and digital sound creator Phil Gardelis (Zenjungle). This collaboration explores experimental soundscapes, some musical pieces and a post Davis/Coltrane freejazz directive with less ‘jazz’ and more glitch, noise and electronics.

Currently I use a baritone guitar with some physical interventions, delay and loop pedals playing through Gleetchlab. There are six loopers within this software which expand the sound possibilities to orchestral dimensions.


2013. Album: Soft envelope.


2012. The Sonic Abyss, made during Sonic Abyss Drogheda Arts Festival Track 2: John Daly, Anthony Kelly, Harry Moore, Mick O’Shea, Robin Parmar, Jesse Ronneau, David Stalling. Duration: 21’12”: free download:

2012. Album: Still Life. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration

2012. Album: Mesh. A Tunedin52+Zenjungle collaboration.

2012.Album: Behind the Shed Music. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration

2012.Album: Jazz Subversion. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration Label: Catalogue of Wonders, London.

2012.Album: Inner Orbits. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle CollaborationLabel: Bruitsnetlabel, France.

2011. Album: Feedback generators, grains and electric guitar. Tunedin52

2011. Abum: Confinement. Tunedin52 Label: Modisti, Spain. 2002.

Album: Shamanagans. John Daly http://

Resolving conflict from john daly on Vimeo.

Sound Art Performances:
2012. 4th Friday at Open Trades Club. Sept/Oct/Nov
2012. Drogheda Arts Festival (May 2012)
2012. TANK. Christchurch, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City
2011. The Joinery, Dublin
2011. CTRL-ALT-DELETE. Galway
Tígh Macalla: meaning  echo house 

Trace Element from john daly on Vimeo.
Dia Del Los Muertos @ Open Trades Club Sligo F4th Friday 23 Nov 2012 from john daly on Vimeo.