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Tígh Macalla, meaning Echo House or House of echos, is the recording space of John Daly, situated near the shores of Lough Arrow. Within it’s view is Carrowkeel, set on high ground above Lough Arrow, a neolithic passage tomb cemetery in the south of County Sligo, Ireland. From these peaceful, ancient, sacred environs, with the help of the world wide web, he broadcasts his creations. Under the pseudonym Tunedin52, tunedin referring to birth, to 60s culture, to the psychedelic platform of his sound, and 52 his date of birth, he creates what comes perfectly natural to him, soundscapes marking his interests and the events of his life so far. He believes that in life as in sound, the future is a variation of the past.

Improvisation,.Tunedin52+Zenjungle with Barcelona slideshow from john daly on Vimeo.



John Daly

I worked as a photographer and printmaker in various labs in England 1980-2000 and in Mullingar Ireland 2000-2007. Music and sound technology are my greatest interest, playing in bands in the 60s-70s and exploring sound with synths, midi, cubase, djing, and experimental guitar all through the 80s-90s. Having listened to much rock, jazz, classical and music from other cultures, I became interested in sound without conventional music structures. Sound artists seem to create what interests me in listening so I tend towards this discipline but am not sure that I consider myself an artist. Over the last two years I have collaborated over the web with Saxophonist and digital sound creator Phil Gardelis (Zenjungle). This collaboration explores experimental soundscapes, some musical pieces and a post Davis/Coltrane freejazz directive with less ‘jazz’ and more glitch, noise and electronics.

Currently I use a baritone guitar with some physical interventions, delay and loop pedals playing through Gleetchlab. There are six loopers within this software which expand the sound possibilities to orchestral dimensions.


2013. Album: Soft envelope.


Tunedin52 http://tunedin52.bandcamp.com/

2012. The Sonic Abyss, made during Sonic Abyss Drogheda Arts Festival Track 2: John Daly, Anthony Kelly, Harry Moore, Mick O’Shea, Robin Parmar, Jesse Ronneau, David Stalling. Duration: 21’12”: free download: http://farpointrecordings.com/digital/sonic-abyss/

2012. Album: Still Life. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration http://zentune.bandcamp.com/

2012. Album: Mesh. A Tunedin52+Zenjungle collaboration. http://zentune.bandcamp.com/album/mesh

2012.Album: Behind the Shed Music. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration

2012.Album: Jazz Subversion. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle Collaboration Label: Catalogue of Wonders, London. http://catalogueofwonders.bandcamp.com/album/jazz-subversion-cata25

2012.Album: Inner Orbits. A Tunedin52 + Zenjungle CollaborationLabel: Bruitsnetlabel, France. http://bruits-netlabel.blogspot.com/p/releases.html

2011. Album: Feedback generators, grains and electric guitar. Tunedin52 http://tunedin52.bandcamp.com/

2011. Abum: Confinement. Tunedin52 Label: Modisti, Spain. http://modisti.com/netlabel/?p=508 2002.

Album: Shamanagans. John Daly http://http://catalogueofwonders.bandcamp.com/album/shamanagans-cata49

Resolving conflict from john daly on Vimeo.

Sound Art Performances:
2012. 4th Friday at Open Trades Club. Sept/Oct/Nov
2012. Drogheda Arts Festival (May 2012)
2012. TANK. Christchurch, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork City
2011. The Joinery, Dublin
2011. CTRL-ALT-DELETE. Galway
Tígh Macalla: meaning  echo house 

Trace Element from john daly on Vimeo.
Dia Del Los Muertos @ Open Trades Club Sligo F4th Friday 23 Nov 2012 from john daly on Vimeo.